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Planning Approval For New Houses

5 New Dwellings at Shor Street, Evesham

Shor Street.png

Planning approved for 5no. 2 bedroom houses at Shor Street , Bengeworth , Evesham .

Design by Architecture4All Architectural designers Evesham , Worcestershire .

Planning application W/20/00115/FUL approved on 20/05/2020. The former Evesham metal work factory was demolished to make way for the 5 new houses. Fairly difficult application because of the listed building to the left and the overlooking windows on the right, not helped by the planning office who did everything he could to drag the application out and make it as difficult as possible.

The style of houses and heritage brick work were designed to compliment the Victorian buildings either side.

Designed for and built by Annie's Homes Ltd.

Shor St Elevations.png

New Dwelling At Littleton Auction, North Littleton

Photo Visualization 

Proposed Street scene.png

Existing Street Scene

Approve New 4 Bedroom Dwelling at Littleton Auction, North Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire

Planning by Architecture4All Architectural designers Evesham Worcestershire

Approved at appeal of application W/22/00230/PIP - Application refused  01/04/2022 - Appeal Allowed 01/11/2022.

Another application made difficult by the planning officer, who was moved to another department after the appeal,one of the main argument for the approval was the improvement to the street scene of the conservation area,as you can see above the new house hides the auction building and yard.We also have made improvements to the auction building to enhance the conservation area.

The land was a brownfield site so should have been automatically approved,but the application was refused because of lack of local amenities ,you would need a car and lack of footpath transport links,none of which were true,there is a public foot path right in front of the new house.

The appeal was mainly allow because whychavon are not meeting target for providing new homes and any harm to the area was outweighed by the benefits.

Done as planning in principal which avoids a lot of expensive survey until the technical consent stage.

Approved Elevation for New Dwelling

Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Floor Plans

New Dwelling at Yew Tree Cottage, Offenham

Yew tree 2.jpg

Photo Visualization of Approved New Dwelling at Yew Tree Cottage, Offenham

Existing Street Scene Church Road, Offenham and Yew Tree Cottage

New Dwelling approved application W/22/00677 - 28/11/2022.

Planning by Architecture4All Architectural designers, Evesham, Worcestershire

Quite a lot of work,the planning office and conservation officer were very helpful on this application resulting in a good design which fit into the Offenham conservation area. We had started with a much larger house which wasn't suitable for the site.

The approved dwelling is base on the nearby Lydon and Honey Suckel cottages (see elevations below).

Yew tree cottage is also being restored and extended as part of another application.

The large 2 bedroom cottage approved could be configured difrently to give 4 bedrooms on first floor.

Approved Elevations for New Dwelling

Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Floor Plans

PDF - Historic Impact Assessment For New Dwelling at Yew Tree Cottage

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