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Price Structure

Number of Bedroom

Modern Brick Houses up to 2 Bedrooms  £500

Modern Brick Houses up to 3 Bedrooms  £500

Modern Brick Houses up to 4 Bedrooms  £550

Modern Brick Houses up to 5 Bedrooms  £600

Modern Brick Houses over  5 Bedrooms  £600 pLus £50 per extra Bedroom


Loft conversions plus £50

Excessive number of rooms to number of bedrooms

Outbuildings ( 1st Garage free ) Plus £50

Conservation area or listed buildings plus £50

Cottages (not square rooms ) plus £50

More than one area to be extended plus £50

Derelict or overgrown  properties plus £100


Up to 15 miles from Evesham WR11 2QW free of charge

Over 15 miles 40 Pence per mile

Mileage base on google maps quickest route

I will match any like for like quote and offer money back guarantee should application be unsuccessful

My prices are not set in stone there is always room for negotiation

My prices do not include fees payable to local authority ( typically £150 ) and Ordinance survey map (£20)

If I do not think a project has a good chance of gaining planning permission I will not take the job on