Drawing Proposed Plans

Using the existing drawings as a starting point I will draw up several proposed options for your approval .

Hopefully you will like one of the option I have designed .

We will then discuss the designs and make any changes until you are completely happy with design

Proposed plans will include

Proposed floor plans 1:100 scale

Proposed Elevations 1:100 scale

Proposed Block plan 1: 200 scale (Aerial plan showing garden boundaries)

Water management statement - Agreeing to add water butts to rain water pipes and soak away to any new hard standing surface .

The Planning Process Explained

Survey of Existing Property

The first stage of any planning application is to produce accurate plans of the existing property .

This involves measuring all rooms,windows,doors and garden boundaries,this will usually take about 2 hours .


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Design Brief

Discuss how you would like to extend or change your home, what sort of rooms extra space your looking to create .

Produce an external design which you like and is acceptable for planning consent .

Drawing Existing Plans

Using the survey information I will produce the existing plans of your home .

Existing floor plans 1:100 scale

Existing Elevations 1:100 scale

Existing Block plan 1: 200 scale (Aerial plan showing garden boundaries)

I will then send you these plans for your approval , I prefer to send plans electronically as Jpeg or PDF files , I can also print if required .


Submission of Plans to Local Authority

When you are completely happy with the plans, I will submit the plans electronically to local authority .

Submitting plans electronically saves paper , printing costs and energy .

It will be necessary to purchase an ordinance surveyor map of your area (2 hectares at 1:1250 scale) at a cost of £20.00 .

The local authority fee for submitting a domestic planning application is £150.00 (Wychavon 2011) may vary slightly in other areas .

It can take up to a couple of weeks to register your application depending on volume of submissions .

Once registered planner have 8 week to reach a decision on your application .

If the planner see any problem with plans they will give us the chance to amend plans before the decision is made .

If planning is refused we have 1 free chance to amend plans based on planner objections and resubmit free of charge .

If planning is refused I will refund my fee , but not the fees paid to local authority or map fees .



Start Building

Once you have planning approval you have 3 years to start work or Planning approval will expire .

To be judged to have started work you must have laid foundations as a minimum .

To Legally begin work you must have full planning approval or a building notice application

Building notice - Once you have made a building notice application you can start work in 48 hours (Fee £482 for 10m2 - 40m2)

Full Planning - Detailed construction plans are submitted for building regulation approval (Fee £482 for 10m2 - 40m2)

These will usually be produce by a qualified architect and cost about £500.00 and take 5-8 week to get approved.

For more information on Building regulation fees , Building notices and Full planning please visit the site below

South worcester building control ( Malvern Hills District council site )